Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Mansfield Catholic Cemetery and Prince of Peace
  1. No monument or marker will be allowed on the lot until the lot is paid for in full at Saint Peter’s Parish Center. The Parish Center will issue a deed to the lot owner at the time payment is made in full.
  1. No person or persons are permitted on cemetery grounds before opening or after closing times as posted at the entrance of the cemetery.
  1. No pets are permitted on the cemetery grounds.
  1. No trees or thorn bearing bushes are to be planted. Before planting any bush on any lot permission must be received in writing from the Mansfield Catholic Cemeteries Committee.  Requests for plantings can be made through the Saint Peter’s Parish Center office.
  1. No bush type grasses are permitted on any lot.
  1. No glass containers are permitted on any lot.
  1. Any person or persons caught in the act of disturbing any plants, bushes, markers or other features of the cemeteries on any lots other than their own will be prosecuted.
  1. Dead bushes and plants must be removed from lots. If any owner (or family member) cannot perform this task the dead planting will be removed as directed by the Cemeteries Committee.
  1. Once per year, prior to Memorial Day, depending on weather, there will be held a “Clean-Up Week” to spruce up the Cemeteries. Notification will be made though the Parish Bulletins for Saint Peter’s Parish, Saint Mary-in-the Snows Parish and Resurrection Parish and will also be posted at the cemetery entrances.
  1. No monuments over 8-inches in height will be allowed on single or double lots. At least four (4) lots are required for larger monuments.  Permission in writing must be obtained from the Cemetery Committee before placing any larger monument in the cemeteries.  Certain restrictions may apply in certain areas.
  1. Any monument or decoration of grave should be done in good taste. The Saint Peter Parish Cemetery Committee reserves the right to determine if any monument or decoration is deemed inappropriate.  Anyone placing an inappropriate monument or decoration will be directed to remove said monument or decoration.
  1. Lot spaces established for burial of cremated remains are to be used for only one burial per space. All markers on these spaces are to not exceed 10-inches by 20-inches and are to be made of granite and installed flush with the ground.  No bushes may be planted upon these spaces.

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